We offer exceptional servers that specializes in survival

Survival & Death

We provide you with the best experience of a harsh survival world, death is certain — but how long will you stall it?


We provide you with several different mechanics, like new crafting recipes, new dungeons, and better AI's and etc. to make the survival experience as unforgiving as possible.


You get banned from the server every 8 times you die within 1 hour, for 30 minutes.

Regeneration & Health

Regeneration is disabled, the only way to regenerate is to find medkits in caves, or craft bandages using wool.


Burden Makes it harder and less rewarding to survive.
Aid Aids you on your survival.


  • Burden

    Monster Effects

    Each monster has their own chance to add a negative potion effect to your character everytime you get physically hit by them! Making it a lot harder for you to survive from monster-battles.

  • Aid

    Ore Drops

    Ores have a chance to drop from stone, depending on how deep you are underground, providing you with an easier and safer way of finding ores. Naturally generated ores drops more loot.

  • Burden

    Health System

    The base health for everyone is 10 (5 hearts), you gain more hearts as you level-up from killing monsters. Regeneration is disabled, the only way to regenerate your health is through bandages, medkits or potions. Food does not regenerate your health, but it kills you the instant you reach 0 hunger.

  • Aid


    You are able to create a kingdom and place a nexus inorder to barricade an protect your base/town from the horde of monsters.

  • Burden

    Mob Spawning

    The server allows approx. 100-200 mobs to spawn around each player, that all do 2-3x more damage than usual, allowing you to get 1-hit killed if you are low-levelled.


  • Aid

    Custom Items

    The server comes with custom weapons, armors and items that provide you with different perks and effects, to give you hope of surviving longer.

  • Burden

    Disabled Explosions

    Explosions are disabled to force people into finding, crafting and carving their bases from mountains in order to survive. Raiding people for items is the cowardly way of surviving. You can invade a kingdom, however.

  • Aid

    High-End Servers

    Our servers provide you with the top-notch ram and uplink speed, ensuring you that you would not lag (server lag) whilst fighting monsters.

  • Aid


    Our servers reboot every 8-hours to ensure that no flooding of entities will occur, allowing you to play without the being worried of lag (client lag).

  • Aid


    Our staff, except the single owner are disabled to use any commands when no one is asking from help. To force them to play normally like players and survive in the world, if they see you they will either help you, or kill you. If you need a server-side help, however, they will always be there to help you.


Take a closer look into our amazing staff. We won’t bite.

Kaisey Paron


Hi, I'm Kaisey.

Jake Quintanar


Hi, I'm Jake, 19. I've founded Arcane Volt, LLC. I've created the servers due to my love of hardcore survival, survival so hard, there's no chance of survival.

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